How to Maintain a Newly Replaced Windshield? 

You might be wondering what precautions you have to take after having your windshield replaced. This will guarantee proper installation isn’t ruined as a result of an unintentional mistake. There are certain timeframes to remember to maintain your new windshield. On a lot of occasions, a windshield can be replaced in 1 hour. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can drive to your next destination right away.  


Here are a couple of things to consider before you take your car for a drive after an auto glass replacement: 

Keep the area Outside and Inside of the Car Clean 

You do not want to let anything stick to the seal while it is drying. That is why you should not put any form of cover on the exterior of your car for the first day after the replacement. In addition to that, you have to avoid utilizing a sunshade on the interior of your car and keep your dashboard free of debris.  

Do Not Get Rid of the Retention Tape 

Oftentimes, car glass professionals utilize a retention tape to hold in place the moldings of the windshield and ensure that the seal is protected from the elements while it is drying. It might not appear great. However, it is ideal to leave the tape in place for the first 1 to 2 days after the installation of your new auto glass.  

Don’t Slam Doors and Drive Safely 

You need to prevent any unwanted changes in pressure when you’ve got a new windshield installed. This is best done by gently closing the doors of your vehicle and avoiding potholes and bumpy roads during the travel. You should do this for the first week after your windshield replacement. 

Leave a Window Slightly Open for 1 Day 

The air inside your vehicle will expand as the day gets hotter. If you leave your car window slightly open, this hot air can escape. This will lower any unwanted pressure on the interior side of your vehicle.  

Don’t Wash Your Vehicle for the First Day 

You need to prevent a car wash for at least 24 hours after installing a new windshield. It does not matter if you hire a professional or doing the carwash yourself. The water won’t damage the seal. However, the seal can be punctured with the high-pressure jets.  

Don’t Drive the Car For at least 60 Minutes after the Replacement 

This is extremely crucial since the urethane requires time to dry for complete and proper installation. If you do not have to go anywhere else, try to let your vehicle stay in the driveway for several hours. The urethane will be durable enough to pass the standards of Federal Safety after one hour. You might be able to safely drive your vehicle. Unfortunately, the cure can take a couple of hours. This is why it is ideal to hire a mobile windshield repair company. With this, they’ll be the ones who will visit you to replace your windshield. Thus, you won’t have to drive your car back home.